¿How much time does it take for my order to arrive?

When your order has already been Confirmed and Paid, the delivery time is 3 to 7 business days depending on the destination.

Can I pick up my order at Hidro 220?

Yes, when the order is placed  in our online store you can select this option. As soon as your order is ready to be picked up, we will send you an email to let you know.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with a tracking code for your purchase. If you have any other questions you can contact us through any of the following channels:


  • Support chat:

  • Telephone call in Mexico: 8183813800

  • Mobile/Whats App: 8183165580


How much does HIDRO yield?
Every 7.5g of HIDRO yields 1 Lt. The package of 150g yields 20 Lt.
Is HIDRO a serum?
Hydro is an isotonic, hydrating drink, especially for workers. A serum has a higher concentration of sodium and reduces extreme dehydration while an isotonic drink helps prevent dehydration.
Can you get kidney stones from taking serum/HIDRO?
No, kidney stones form when there are high levels of calcium, oxalate, and phosphorus in urine.

Hydro is not a serum, it is a scientifically formulated Isotonic drink in which sodium and potassium levels are balanced in order to prevent dehydration.

How much HIDRO should be taken?

This depends on the activity, the temperature of the environment and the physical exhaustion of the work that is carried out, LIGHT / MODERATE / HEAVY. So it can vary from 500 ml to 3 liters per day, per person. On average, a worker in the industry makes a moderate to heavy effort, so their requirements would be a minimum of 1 liter per day.

How is HIDRO prepared?
It´s simple. Half the thermos is filled with water and half of the powder from the Hydro bag is mixed. Add more water and empty the other half of the powder, mix the product and add ice at the end.
Does the product have an expiration date?
The product has an expiration of 2 years from the date it was created.
How long can HIDRO last one it´s mixed with water?
It is recommended that the prepared product should be consumed in the first 24 hours that was refrigerated.
Can the product be consumed by people with diabetes?
Yes, Hidro 220 is a calorie-free hydrating drink and does not contain added sugar or carbohydrates.

In any case, we recommend that all food and drink be consulted by your doctor.


Where can I file a complaint?
To make a complaint you can send an email to This complaint can be anonymous.
Do you handle returns?
We are responsible for the mishandling of the products and we have a solution for the product if it´s damaged for reasons beyond the customer’s control. When the order is delivered, you have 24 hours to inspect the product. If the product is damaged, it must be reported to the email: with photographs as evidence demonstrating the damage to the product to proceed with its return. After this time (24 hours), we are not responsible for the situation of the product.